About Us

At Lil Stompers our mission is to bring the best international footwear brands to our customers. We have a passion for customer service and our fitters will do their utmost to find the perfect shoe for your child. Our fitters operate to the standards set down by the Society of Shoe Fitters. They have expert knowledge of the styles and brands we stock. Lil Stompers is an Irish family owned business founded by Louise McEvoy.

“I always had difficulty in finding good quality footwear for my own children in the north Dublin area. I have my own personal experience of the damage that can be done by ill-fitting footwear. Having worked with parents and kids for many years in another industry, the inspiration for Lil Stompers came after having worked for a time in another children’s shoe shop in the south of the country. Finally, in December 2019 Lil Stompers was born!”
Louise McEvoy